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10 of the best Christmas shoot socks…

For us the magic of Christmas is quite simply enjoying the company of our nearest and dearest; so what we love most, after the incredibly hectic run up to the 25th, is to relax, eat, drink and be merry with family and friends. Of course the calendar is often brimming full with shoot dates and the kids love the opportunity to get their beating stick ready and to listen to the shoot banter!

There is also a tradition on many of our Christmas shoots which is to be properly attired for such an occasion, with the shooting sock coming into its own fame much as the Christmas Jumper! So not surprisingly the sales of our red socks soar in the run-up to the 25th, it seems we all love a bit of festive cheer!

So to help you select the best Christmas stocking for your festive shoot days or maybe a Christmas gift here, are our top 10 festive socks - may we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a great season.


1. The Classic Fairisle in Chianti 

New for this season the classic Fairisle pattern is the perfect Christmas sock - if you like to go the extra mile we recommend swapping the hunter green garter for the classic gold garter.

2. The Angus in New Mustard and Claret

This is a great choice and makes a wonderful gift. The top of the Angus features a three dimensional knit which looks stunning. The combination of gold and claret adds the festive feel

3. The Harris Cable Knit in Tartan Red

Our tartan red yarn is one of the most vibrant reds we have. The Harris is a good choice for a more athletic calf with a stretch of up to 25”. You can team the Harris with the tartan red garter or to add the dark olive garter for a nice contrast 


4. The Lady Denby in Ice Pink

Made from supersoft Merino the Lady Denby combines a cool ice pink with a slate grey and raspberry pattern - a pretty sock which is beautifully feminine.

5. The Lomond in Brick Red and Spruce

This classic two-tone Lomond sock is splendidly festive and great value for money  - an inspirational gift that won’t break the bank.


6. The Brockington Shooting Sock in Dark Olive

 The outstanding dark olive Brockington combines four tones to look that festive it should be hung from the fireplace - a great combination of spruce, ochre, burgundy and dark olive.



7. The Pheasant Shooting Sock in Burgundy

Our “Percy” pheasant sock is always a popular choice at this time of year - we actually have had full syndicates wearing them for their Christmas shoot. Our burgundy, bison and navy sock is a great choice.

8. The Junior Lomond

This children’s shooting sock starts from a foot size 12 and makes a great gift for the young enthusiast.




9. The Stalker Embroidered Cushion Foot Sock in Rouge

In vibrant red with a neat embroidered pheasant the Stalker really delivers on Festive! We have provided the option of the camel garter which sets the sock. Starting from a foot size 4 up to 13 this is a popular choice and at just £22.50 it makes a great gift.

The Whitley shooting sock in gold or red, is a stunning sock which will look the part on any Christmas shoot... or maybe one of each?!?