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Specialists in Men’s and Women’s Shooting Socks

Our family established The Shooting Sock Company in 2005.

We are a small team who are dedicated to innovative design and British manufacturing. We are passionate about fieldsports and traditional values. Together, this is what makes us tick!

Our Heritage

Twenty years ago, the shooting sock was relatively uninspiring and hadn’t progressed as fast as shooting clothing and footwear; we wanted to revolutionise the traditional shooting sock. With a background in design, we began playing with some ideas and soon we had socks with more elaborate colours and bolder patterns to team with traditional shooting attire; they looked stunning – a new era had begun!

Our Materials

We appreciate that a sock needs to look the part and perform too; we use premium yarns, including Merino wool, cotton, and Cashmere knitted with small amounts of manmade fibres for reinforcement. Our socks are knitted in the UK, using specialist skills and techniques passed down through generations. This is something we endeavour to continue with.

Today, we are incredibly proud of the brand we have built and very grateful to both our loyal and ever-expanding number of customers.

Please get in touch if you would like any help or guidance when choosing a pair of socks.

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