About Us

ShootingSocks.co.uk grew, out of a love for British eccentricities and a lack of display space!

We started selling shooting socks 20 years ago when we had retail shops, we them moved online and every season we would add more to our collection... often bolder and brighter until eventually we ended up with so many in the website it became impossible to view them in all of their glory and so we started a dedicated website for our fellow sock lovers.

The “team” consists of six of us, most of us shoot, pickup and beat as much as possible from August until February – we have an inter-office rivalry between retrievers and spaniels. The SS dream team collectively consists 8 Flat Coated Retrievers, 2 Clumber Spaniels, 2 Cocker Spaniels and  3 Labradors.


About Our Socks

We aim to knit as much homegrown “Britishness” as possible into our socks. At present every pair of socks we sell is made in the UK using machinery and skills that date back hundreds of years, many of which come from Leicestershire, the hosiery Mecca. We have one style of socks which is completely homegrown using British Wool.

Our range boasts faithful favourites in traditional greens, browns and golds to the opposite spectrum of the colour wheel and design intricacy with bold colourful patterns in hues of pinks, lilacs and blues. The joy of socks is they are the perfect way to show a little of the individuals personality.

Whatever you are after in your ideal pair of shooting socks, we hope we can offer – if we can’t then please let us know and we shall see if we can incorporate it in the future.