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Subtle Pattern Shooting Socks

Subtle Pattern Shooting Socks

Our shooting sock collection for both men and women features subtle patterns with intricate detailing that exude a conservative charm. Some of these socks boast comprehensive three-dimensional knit patterns for a luxurious, hand-knitted look.

Our subtle patterns are not necessarily limited to muted tones, as exemplified by our Whitley sock in an eye-catching fuchsia pink with complementary rioja and camel hues. The Shooting Sock Co. is proud to have been one of the first companies to introduce pink shooting socks for men, and they have now become one of our most sought-after colours.

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For those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic, our Thornbury shooting sock with a Fairisle pattern has always been in demand. Inspired by the elegance of the 1920s, this sock never fails to impress with its intricate design knitted in five harmonious yarn shades. The dark blue with paprika tri-color garter tie adds a touch of sophistication to this classic style, making it an especially stunning choice.

Whether you prefer our modest designs or bold patterns, each pair of our shooting socks is crafted with a steadfast commitment to quality, heritage, and of course, British eccentricity. Choose The Shooting Sock Co. for a touch of flair and individuality in your shooting wardrobe.