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The Ashton Shooting Sock with Garter

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The Ashton shooting sock is one of our exclusive designs - if you appreciate a lot of colour and like your socks to say a little something about you, then the Ashton is a great choice. The Ashton is unique in that it incorporates eight different colours in the top which is the maximum amount that can be used. 

Our mid-navy leg which includes brick red, ivy green, burnt orange, ochre, spruce, military red and mid-blue in the top really does catch the eye; and adding an ivy green garter with military red and mid-blue tassel has really set this sock apart.

The old mustard leg which is a more subtle muted sock in comparison to the navy. The old mustard pattern includes earthy tones of burgundy, light grey, midnight, peanut, khaki, aubergine and Persian blue.

The Ashton Shooting Sock with Garter
The Ashton Shooting Sock with Garter Bilberry, Ashton Shooting Sock with Garter